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University of Toronto Scarborough
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Lecture The Brain Part 2The three lobes take input from the world and putting it into the brainFrontal lobe taking information and coordinating to the worldThe rightlanguage and communication left sounds music etcPartial Lobe A good representation of your body and the obstacles lateralization a little bitRight partial lobe movement of the bodyWe just know where our body is at all times There is some sort on internal sensationproprioceptionAn internal perception where our body is at all timeDamages to left parietal lobe would cause motor impairmentsRight Parietal lobe what is out on the worldWhen there damages to the right parietal lobe neglect the left side of space the left side of the world is goneInput comes from the body and the world Sensory strip Primary cortex for the partial lobe Sensory input from touchDifferent parts of the body were stimulated different parts of the sensory strip would be stimulated Our hands have the most sensory neuronsfingertips highest concentration on sensory neuronTwo ways of stimulation of sensory cortexexternal simulation and random brain simulationgive feeling of an itch Anything that stimulates will remap to the opposite side of the bodyPrimary Motor Cortex moving body partsstimulatebehave with that op
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