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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

PSYA01 Oct. 5 Perception: what is seen in mind. Not necessarily what is actually going on. Weber  Psychophysics  Studied how external world in represented in mind  Studied the difference threshold (point where difference is noticed) of stimuli  Showed mathematical principles that exist in the mind What people wanted to know was the absolute threshold (how sensitive our sensory systems are – what is the weakest stimulus that they are sensitive to). People say we can present stimulus that our conscious won’t pick up but our subconscious will. Our subconscious supposedly controls everything. This equals subliminal messaging. Signal Detection Theory  Involves a number of trials o A stimuli is or is not presented In reality stimuli was… Present Absent Yes Hit False Alarm Miss Correct Negative No Hit: correctly identified when stimulus was presented False Alarm: identified a stimulus when there wasn’t one Miss: did not identify a stimulus when it was presented Correct negative: correctly identified when a stimulus wasn’t present Misses and correct negatives give us no data, as they show what is left over after counting hits and false alarms. PSYA01
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