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Slide 1 = earnst weber just noticeable differences. Presented you can detect the difference two stimuli and discovered it is a constant fraction. (difference threshold) Absolute threshold- the line where you are aware of something versus where you are not Slide 6- different trials presented. Say yes when you see them no when you don’t -when there are payoffs eg 1$ for every given hit no penalty for false alarm, you will always hit -opposite, (-1$ for every false alarm) you will never say hit -generally, when you have no information your hit rate = your false alarm rate Lec 12 -the picture of Niagara falls could be just a bunch of pixels. Just a pattern of light. But association cortex give it meaning. Sensation = the raw sensory input. The transduction of seeing it to the picture being highly categorized happens so fast (turns into perception so fast) we can’t appreciate sensation Sensation= eg photography. Our memories are already affecting how we see the picture Slide 3- what humans have with sight, other animals have with other senses. Eg- dogs can smell bats have echo location, snakes can sense low frequency, sharks can feel electric -we have very high vision acuity compared to other animals. -humans can only see that little band. Slide 4- when there is low light, our iris makes the pupils open up so we can absorb more light in the dark Iris = muscle that controls the pupil Pupil= asorbs light Cornea and lens can help focus light. When you squint, you bend the lens, to keep object focused. As you age, the lens isn’t as flexible. Humor= fluid nourishes, moisturizes the eye, protects it Retina= the surface image lands on Slide 5-transduction =sensory neurons translate physical stimulus to neural stimulus Slide 6-light comes in, passes through ganglion cells, bipolar cells , into the layers where photoceptors are a
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