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Lecture 16

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Lecture 16:  Hypnosis is important in therapy.  Hypnosis begins by induction (relaxation therapy)  If you follow the induced states it will give you mental imagery  They try to use imagery as a tool for therapy  One theory: Hypnotist is in control of the person’s body  Other theory: We tend to become certain people-we have boundaries of behaviour. If you attempt to do that-people think they are weird. When people are hypnotized they are free of their box. You keep your personality but you get to act out.  When hypnotist pushes the boundary-they will fall asleep.  Sensory Deprivation-no sensory stimulation  When the body stops getting stimulation from the outside world, it starts to create its own-the internal world  These people begin to hallucinate  Brain wants its stimulation, otherwise it will create its own  Bizarre Imagery  Clive Wearing: He had herpes and syphilitics-affected the brain area (related to memory) Lecture 17:  Hippocampus is important for creating new memories.  Memory is about the future to some extent  Clive can still play piano.  Memory: Memory is at play whenever the past influences the present behaviour.  Sensory memory: it is critical to our ability to function well  Iconic: Some sort of visual image that is lasting  The full report condition: reporting all the items. However when people did th
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