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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Lecture 18: • Can you improve your memory? Yes, by using memory techniques. • Working memory into long term memory (Studying): Depth of encoding • If you are trying to remember something, you should elaborate on something (elaborate encoding) • Forming images and connecting it to other thing/memories. Thus making it easier to remember • When studying we are going through 3 states. First stage by understanding the text. Second stage (taking notes and creating multiple choices)-elaborate encoding. • Shallow processing: When you are just skimming, introspect there is nothing being retained in your mind • Dual reading: When we take our senses and refer to a word (e.g needle-pain) • When we put information in a very structural and organized way, we can retrieve that information quickly. • Structure provides good memory retrieval cues • Encoding: getting information and processing into long term memory • Jill Price: an obsessive impulsive about encoding. As a result she has an amazing, creepy memory. She is able to replay many episodes of her life over and over again. • The challenge of the brain: How do we remember the things we want to remember and how do we forget the things we want to forget-this is through the process
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