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Steve Joordens

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PSYA02 Jan 16, 2013 How much intelligence is from genetics? How much is from the formal education system? Science: Should There Be Limits? Do we need to/should we study certain topics when they may just make society worse? Or is anything free game?  Studying racial issues o One race is proven to be smarter and there begins to be discrimination/mockery of that race.  Gender issues o One gender is proven to be smarter and then that one gender is pushed down in terms of jobs/opportunities/education Philip Rushman – studied the fact that some races are different in terms of things like intelligence and sexuality.  However, it was quite racist and there were protests.  He claimed that a social group may have certain means that they focus around o A disparate group would have children that are closer to the mean o Extremely smart parents would have average children and vice versa. Intelligence as Evidence of Intelligent Design According to some, intelligence can’t evolve  The counter to that: if God bestowed intelligence, where did God get intelligence etc. etc. Is Intelligence Even a Single Thing? Intelligence is often spoken of someone being intelligent or not. However, athletes may be considered ‘intelligent’ (successful) in one sport and ‘stupid’ (unsuccessful) in another. Does this mean that they a
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