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Steve Joordens

PSAYA02 Feb 6, 2013 Crates with mirrors  Some monkeys would see the mirrors and the reflection right away  The alpha monkey would go up and interact with the mirror. He’d try to get the ‘other alpha’ to submit but the reflection would do the exact same thing. Eventually, he’d submit to the ‘other alpha’ Babies with mirrors  They can see their caregivers in the mirror and kind of understand that that’s a reflection  Around a year and a half, they start to recognize self  Rouge test: mirror self-recognition test o Mark is placed on their face. By 18 months, they realize that they have a red mark on their face. Before then, they’ll talk to the ‘stranger’ and even walk around behind the mirror to find the other person. The Looking-Glass Self:  People form their idea of self from what they think other people think about them.  It is very hard to be yourself because you think other people are judging you. Candy test:  Bowl full of candy in empty room – children told to pick one  When there’s no mirror, they act sneaky and take extra candy.  When there’s a mirror in the room, they start to take extra then catch themselves in the mirror and put extra candy back. They don’t want to see themselves steal. o Employers have put mirrors in breakrooms so that people don’t take extra breaks. Employees don’t take the extras because they don’t want to see themselves. PSAYA02 Feb 6, 2013 Context Stanford Prison Experiment (led by Philip Zimbardo)  A mock jail was created and students were put in. Some were given the role of guards and others as prisoners. They were given full reign of what happened, no professors told them what to do.  People got caught up in the experiment – they seemed to forget that it was an experiment and went fully into the mindset.  The people that were chosen were those that seemed the most normal/sane people.  The people chosen as guards were given uniforms, whistles, clubs, and mirrored sunglasses – the glasses acted as a mask as no one can see their eyes.  The prisoners were given dress-like smocks, a chain around the
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