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Steve Joordens

PSYA02 March 13, 2013 Schizophrenic Disorders A group of psychological disorders involving distortions of thought, perception and emotion; bizarre behaviour; and social withdrawal  Does actually have „voices in head‟ – auditory hallucinations instead of visual  This is not how normal people carry on conversations with themselves, when the language centers in the brain are used but muted. Schizophrenics have a voice that is not from themselves but seems to have a voice that comes from the outside world – the language centers tend to be more active. Means “split mind” but does not involve multiple personalities Effects about 1% in Canada Age of Onset and Hospitalization Schizophrenia leads to a lot of hospitalizations but there is only so much that hospitals can do. Schizophrenia does have the ability to remain unnoticed until certain points of the life.  Does tend to happen to people who are more intelligent PSYA02 March 13, 2013 Positive Symptoms (Symptoms easier to diagnose. These symptoms are those that people with schizophrenia have but normal people don’t) Hallucinations (typically auditory) Delusions of Persecution  The feeling that someone is out to get you – paranoia  Problem distinguishing reality from fantasy Delusions of Control  The feeling of having given control over to someone else – this can range from „go walk to that corner‟ to „go kill everyone at this place‟ Delusions of Grandeur  A lot of delusions of being Jesus – they seriously do believe that they are the rebirth of Jesus and if people don‟t believe them, well, that‟s to be expected. Negative Symptoms Disorganized speech  They can‟t keep their speech on track when they‟re talking Lack of emotion  General more flat personality – don‟t laugh, cry… Lack of energy Social ineptness PSYA02 March 13, 2013 Types of Schizophrenia “Like t
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