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Steve Joordens

PSYA02 March 20, 2013 A person is classified as having a personality disorder if their abnormalities of behaviour impair their social or occupational functioning Anti-Social Personality Disorder Psychopathy Maybe a more extreme version of Ant-Social Personality Disorder.  Kind of like schizophrenics – they don’t want to take their medication. However, the schizophrenics don’t want to take them due to the effects… they will take them at one stage. Psychopaths refuse to even be treated because they like the way they are.  Psychopaths are more dangerous to other people than they are to themselves  Psychopaths are often drawn to each other – they validate each other’s mindset Theory of Mind and Empathy Theory of Mind – All of us constantly creating mental models of the people we know. How you would react, think, in certain situations. This underlies empathy. Empathy – feel what other people are feeling  Psychopaths are very intelligent. They are excellent with Theory of Mind however, they can’t feel empathy. They can fake it but they can’t truly feel it. This is more for Anti-Social Personality Disorder, not just psychopathy PSYA02 March 20, 2013 Shock – Wrong – Cash Experiment Used to test with psychopaths  Shocked whenever wrong o They don’t learn from this  Given money for right answers o This is what they learn from because they want the money. Environmental Causes Often come from bad family backgrounds where they’ve had a lot of punishment.  Lack of love and empathy towards them – making them less social Cognitive causes Childhood problems have made them impervious towards empathy and emotion. Has sort of blocked them from being empathy/social. Borderline Personality Disorder Are usually abandoned early in life and spend the rest of their life trying to avoid being abandoned again.  efforts to resist perceived abandonment (minor changes)  intense but short-lived relationships o Self-fulfilling prophecy: they think they are going to abandoned so they try everything not to be abandoned. They then end up being abandoned for the way they act.  sudden shifts in self-image (goals, values, aspirations) o They want people to love them so they try to fit into any forms so that they will be loved.  impulsivity (irresponsible spending, binging, substance)  suicidal or self-mutilating behaviour Other Personality Disorders Avoidant Personality Disorder  Be easily hurt when people criticize or disapprove of them  Hold back too much inintimate relationships  Be reluctant to become involved with people  Avoid activities or jobs that involve contact with others  Be shy in social situations out of fear of doing something wrong PSYA02 March 20, 2013  Make potential difficulties seem worse than they are  Hold the view they are not good socially, not as good as other people, or unappealing Dependant Personality Disorder  Avoiding being alone  Avoiding personal responsibility  Becoming easily hurt by criticism or disapproval  Becoming overly focused on fears of being abandoned  Becoming very passive in relationships  Feeling very
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