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Steve Joordens

PSYA02 Feb 25, 2013 Evolution: Why do we love? Lucy  She‟s upright and bipedal but still had a small, primate-sized head. o It‟s been thought that bipedalism was because the brain got bigger, with more knowledge. o This isn‟t true though… Lucy is biped Humans (and most primates) are more K strategy (very few children that are extensively raised) than r strategy (more offspring, less involvement) in terms of procreation strategies … maybe too K  With less children, if there is an environmental problem, they can be wiped out easily. Bipedalism is supposed to help with raising children – when the mother is own all-fours, she can only carry one baby on her back. Bipedalism is supposed to make this easier so that the mothers can care for more than one baby. For enough children to be born mothers need help raising them … fatherly commitment Typical mating strategies are not conducive to the formation of long-term pair bonds … too “one hour stand” like… unless we came to be attracted to very specific sexual-social cues  How do we keep the mates together? Eventually, the males began to identify that there were females (females they were attracted to) that they wanted to stay with and care for them etc. = falling in love? Types of Attraction PSYA02 Feb 25, 2013 What is Beauty? Smoothness? Faces are not symmetrical – apparently, if our faces were to be exact on each side. We would be more attractive.  When two faces are morphed, the resulting face is considered to be more attractive. They create an „average‟ face.  If two attractive (symmetrically faced) people have children, their children are probably going to be more attractive as they are an average of the two parents
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