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Steve Joordens

PSYA02 March 27, 2013 John Belushi – comedian and drug user (cocaine/heroin mix = snowballs). He ended up overdosing on a dose that was actually far smaller than his normal dose. So how did this happen?  Context was different – place, people, time.  The brain is used to getting the drug at a certain routine so it prepares itself. It will stop producing the neurotransmitters that the drugs would boost. o When Belushi overdosed, the brain had not prepped itself for the drug intake. In hospitals, morphine is given to people that are terminal to help with pain. Eventually, patients may reach the level called LD50 – a stage where the person has a 50% chance of dying of an overdose on the morphine.  Hospitals have realized that the brain does rely on context so they will move patients around, administer the drugs at a different time of day, so that the brain doesn’t begin to anticipate the drug and become used to it. Biological Treatments These therapies assume that some (all?) disorders are ultimately caused by abnormal neural or other physiological functions  Electro-convulsive shock therapy  Psychosurgery  Drugs The Complex and Dynamic Brain Drugs do work in the short term. And yes, for some cases, they are the best hope to help with treatment of certain mental disorders.  Schizophrenia – the ‘voices’ will not be ‘talked’ out or follow cognitive therapy  Depression – drugs may be used to help people get to the point where they can be helped with talk or cog therapy However, tolerance does build up. Eventually, dosages must become larger in larger in order to have the same effects. PSYA02 March 27, 2013 Yes, the drug does eventually end up in the region that it is meant to be in. However, it does also end up in other places all over the brain. This means that there are now elevated levels of serotonin all over the brain.  What drug companies are trying to do now is make targeted drugs, where the drugs will end up only in the section that it is meant to be in.  It is having drugs in unwanted areas of the brain that leads to unwanted/dangerous side effects. Drug Therapies Antipsychotic Drugs: Chlorpromazine (Largactil/Thorazine) dramatically reduces the positive symptoms of Schizophrenia  Apparently works by blocking dopamine receptors o May interfere with the ability to feel ha
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