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PSYA02 April 1, 2013 The West is very treatment is very treatment-based – they wait for problems before they try to treat them. They don’t work with prevention. Cultural Evolution A culture’s adaptive change to recurrent (ever changing) environmental pressures … becoming civilized?  We don’t totally develop. Evolution shapes us but environment really impacts us. Cultural evolution shapes lifestyle, the aggregate behaviour of a person … the way the person chooses to life their life. Lifestyle has changed significantly … “civilization” enhances standards of living, but also introduces new challenges and dangers.  Honduras example: the children are poor but are happy. Children in richer social statuses have more things but are less happy. Lifestyles and Animal Research Evolutionary pressures are most relevant in the time frame up to ages of sexual reproduction, much less relevant when people are older. Unhealthy lifestyles typically have their effects later in life, when people are older. Hence unhealthy lifestyles are not selected against  Bad habit occurs after having kids? Probably will not be filtered out and will be passed to kids.  Die before having kids? It will probably be filtered out as it can’t be passed to anyone. Animal research trying to find cure for human diseases. The problem is that we do know some answers for certain things. Giving rats lung cancer to try to find a cure – we know one cure – stop smoking! Nutrition In the past century or so, life expectancy has been going up – due to things like sanitation and advances in medical treatment. Usually the following generation l
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