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Lecture 2

PSYA02H3 Lecture 2: Measuring Intelligence (Lecture Notes)

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Steve Joordens

Lecture 2: Measuring Intelligence Studying Individual Differences • Nomothetic research: research to understand the "average human" • Some research focuses on "individual differences" Intelligence • Advantages to measuring intelligence: o Allows us to access whether certain educational approaches lead to higher levels of success o Allows one to tailor a child's education to their current abilities A Brief History • Galton was into measuring human bodies such as measuring length of arm o With his data, Galton noticed that most people have roughly the same arm length while a few would have short arms and very long arms o This describes the normal distribution since many cluster around the average length while very long or short arms see low value of people • Normal distribution: a symmetrical distribution with values clustered around a central, mean value • He was also interested in measuring cognitive abilities o How quickly one could make small decisions o He believed the quicker you can make decisions, the more intelligent you are • Measurement of intelligence took off with Benet o He came up with pencil-and-paper tests called Benet-Simon test (1905) o Involved problems and targeted imagery, attention, memory, comprehension, imagination, etc. Then Till Now • How the Binet-Simon test would work: o Binet would crea
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