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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

PSYA02 April 3, 2013 Peripheral Nervous System Sympathetic nervous system Heart rate increases, blood pressure rises, blood sugar rises, blood flow directed to internal organs Breathing deeper and faster Digestion stops, perspiration increases Adrenal glands secrete adrenalin  Being in this state of stress can actually cause damage to the body after being in the state for a long period of time. General Adaptation Syndrome Stressor: something that can cause stress, stressful events. However, a stressor depends from person to person – it’s all in how you view a situation.  Hans Sellier was first to document relation between psychological stress and physical health.  Thoughts can affect body – spend so much time worrying and thinking about stressors that the body itself begins to weaken. o Psychology is not unconnected to physiology Health Effects PSYA02 April 3, 2013 The Big Picture (The Mind-Body Issue) Whether something is a “stressor” or not is psychological … how you view it or think about it  You can be stressed about something for a while until you get something new that you stress about that overtakes the old stress. The old stress becomes less important in your eyes. So the psychological clearly can affect the physical That also means that psychology can have positive effects, both in terms of dealing with stress, and with respe
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