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Steve Joordens

PSYA02 March 22, 2013 History Trephining  Mental disorders = demons in skull.  The solution? Drill hole in person‟s head to let the spirit out. Mental disorders = loss of humanity  People were treated like animals because they had no humanity left  So they were put away, out of sight, put in asylums (NOT a nice place) Treatment for aggression – Historical Figures limit stimulation. Mesmer  Magnetic rods used to „heal‟ people – Mesmer would tell people that the magnets would help them, using forceful/reassuring voice. o People did get better – not because of magnets but by power of suggestion o Birth of hypnosis Charcot  Did use hypnosis a bit Freud  Started with hypnosis but gave it up  Birth of clinical psychology Modern Therapies Insight Therapies Assumes the people have learned maladaptive thought patterns and emotions, which are revealed in maladaptive behaviours. Behaviours reflective of some deeper psychological issue and when patient understands the true cause (i.e., gainst insight) the maladaptive behaviours will subside. PSYA02 March 22, 2013  This was Freud‟s style of treatment Insight had problems – people are not actually aware of their trauma, as they‟re being protected from you. This makes making insights about this extremely difficult. Is very hard to get around the defenses.  As well, people may not want to find cause because they don‟t want to recognize the trauma. Psychoanalysis  Free association, dreams, other projective tests o Free association – if you apply a certain word to another, it may indicate issues o Dreams – defenses are down. Subject may not actually dream of cause but Freud would interpret it as something o Projective tests – tell stories about a picture (can be viewed positively or negatively; how the person responds to it indicates the trauma)
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