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Psychology - Session 6

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Steve Joordens

Psychology - Session 6  human babies  very reliant and dependant on parents  speaks to real social nature  ex. many offspring, low survival rate  give birth to many children  ex. sea turtles eggs  leave and do not care for children  ex. shark pups  ex. few offspring, heavy care  evident parental investment   richer cultures  higher quality of living  higher socioeconomic status  fewer children  higher parent intelligence  development psychology  baby (infant) development  middle age  aging (older age)  a large part of human development  social development  born requiring social interaction  how children are raised  constantly changing and constantly staying the same  factor of human development  cross sectional  different individuals in group comparisons  differences in ability  worry  critical change across generation  easier to do scientifically  longitudinal  group or single  constant and allowed to age  studied throughout growth  various points in time  difficult to do scientifically  prenatal stages  zygote  first two weeks after conception (fertilization)  division and differentiation of cells  all have the same DNA  fertilization (conception)  sperm cell fertilizes egg  embryonic  two to eight weeks  difficult to know when one is pregnant  amount of testosterone determines sexual differentiation  androgens and testosterone  heart begins to beat  sensitive  avoiding teratogens  ex. tobacco, environmental toxins, cocaine, alcohol  at eight weeks  internal organs and brain  critical life giving organs are in place  fetal stage (fetus)  last seven months  bones begin forming  infa
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