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Psychology - Session 7

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Steve Joordens

Psychology - Session 7  aspects of development  biological  mind in two levels  1. cognitive  2. social  thoughts  constant companion  How does it develop?  importance of responsive world  large part of cognition  seems to aid with reacting appropriately with environment  Jean Piaget  alive during psychoanalysis age, about 1900’s  Freud  notion that paradigms were harder  children at a young age can do abstract reasoning if presented right  development involved stage like  studied under Binet  scoring IQ tests for children  birth of studies and noticed something about children  children consistently doing things that adults don’t  came up with cognitive development stages  assimilation versus accommodation  child learning about things  ex. what you can do  ex. what you cannot do  children constantly forming categories of knowledge (what Piaget thought)  draw lines based on notion of assimilation and accommodation  accomodation  meeting members of a would-be category  have a sense of how to approach  how it reacts  assimilation  meeting a new thing that seems to belong in a category  treat the new thing as though it belongs in that category  use assumptions based on category onto new thing  if it goes well and the reward contingencies are the same  labels the new thing as a cat  if it goes badly and the reward contingencies are not the same  accommodates new information by creating a different category  leads to creation of stigmatas  sensorimotor  less or about two years old  first priority in life  learning about world through senses  sees, hears, and tastes  getting mobile and muscle in body working right  lack of object permanence  learning that everything has a ‘life’ of its own  an object that disappears does not exist  easily tricked  egocentrism  an object that disappears does not
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