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Psychology - Session 10

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Steve Joordens

● normal people ○ the big five gives a decent sense of one’s personality ○ traits differentiate from the dark triad ■ note: traits of the dark triad are not completely absent ● attractive people ○ often on the ‘edge’ (with dark triad traits) ○ ex. Elvis was a psychopath in a way with his hip-thrusting dance moves. ● the dark triad ○ strong in criminal population ● Freud ○ not a scientist ■ psychologists before Freud scientists ○ trained as a physiologist ○ strong observational skills ○ developed theory regarding personality development ○ desires can cause psychic energy ■ (un)concious drives ○ worked with Charcot on hypnotism ● hypnotism ○ strong suggestions ○ influenced by mesmer ○ similar to the placebo effect ● Freud ○ believed that the mind had three components ■ Id, Ego, and Superego ○ described components as three individuals ○ manner in which (internal) energies are released determines personalities ● Id ○ linked to libido ■ primary source of instinctual motivation for all psychic forces ○ animal inside of us ○ immediate gratification ○ where motivation comes from ○ instinct ● pleasure principle ○ desire to obtain immediate gratification ● Superego ○ partly conscience ○ (in a sense,) opposite to Id ○ who we want to be ○ Ego-Ideal ■ internal notion of what society values in a person ■ what is meant to be “appreciated” ● Ego ○ reason ○ attempts to satisfy Id and Superego ○ channels energy of Id ● reality principle ○ tendency to satisfy the desires of Id in realistic ways ● sexual and aggressive drives ○ focus of psychodynamic theory ○ difficult to satisfy ○ if left unsatisfied, causes psychic tension ■ (according to Freud) ● dreams ○ manifest content ■ refers to actual storyline ■ assumed (by Freud) to be Superego cleansed version ■ actual content of the dream seen by individual ○ latent content ■ reflects motivation for the dream ■ Id driven ■ representation of dream ● underlying meaning ● Freud ○ dream analysis ● defence mechanisms ○ repression ○ regression ○ displacement ○ sublimation ○ reaction formation ○ projection ○ rationalization ● repression ○ unknowing placement of an unpleas
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