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Psychology - Session 13

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Steve Joordens

● ingroup and outgroups ○ flexible ● ingroup bias (favouring) ○ comfort from familiarity with schemas ● lack of bias towards outgroups ○ uncertainty towards reactions of others towards actions ■ (and vice versa) ○ discomfort can come out as fear ● Sherief experiment ○ prejudice can be created in a way that has nothing to do with skin colour or religion ○ more to do with how well you know people ○ leaving children isolated in each group ■ lack of interaction with the other group ○ prejudice is simple to create and build ■ ex. eye colour ○ prejudice is often based on ignorance ■ false stereotypes ○ reduction of prejudice is simple ■ creation of interaction between outgroup and ingroup ● (happens almost immediately) ■ creation of common enemies ● interactions with an outgroup ○ reduction of prejudicial behaviour and thoughts ● incorrect stereotypes ○ lack of direct experience with groups ● stereotypes are normally formed ○ meeting two or three similar ‘items’ from a group ● prejudice is an attitude (to an extent) ● attitude formation ○ How are attitudes formed (or reformed)? ○ study of how evaluations of people, places, or things are formed ● forming impressions of others ○ central traits ■ some traits are more important than others ● (in terms of organizing impressions of others) ● ex. “warm” and “cold” over “polite” and “blunt” ○ primacy effect ■ importance of order with which we encounter traits ● ex. negative traits listed first result in negative impressions ● ex. positi
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