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Psychology - Session 19

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Steve Joordens

● schizophrenia ○ not multiple personalities ○ broken mind, shattered mind ■ dissection of word ○ voices in the mind often ■ auditory hallucination ■ benign ● occasionally dramatic ■ tell people what to do ● feel like following orders and feel good ● subtle difference in activity ○ voices from external and internal world ● regular occurrences of voices ● causes problems for society ○ hospitalizations and prevalent ● delusions of persecution, control, and grandeur ○ positive symptoms ■ what sane people do not have ● problem distinguishing reality and fantasy ○ persecution and grandeur delusions ○ construct stories that they believe are true ● negative symptoms ○ do not have what sane people have ○ odd speech patterns ○ disorganized ○ not emotional ○ low energy ○ socially inept ● paranoid schizophrenic ○ intelligent and emotional responses are intact ○ auditory hallucinations ○ best prognosis for recovery ■ medicine ○ heavy on positives ■ lose hallucinations and delusions with medicine often ● dislike because loss of positive symptoms, grandeur ○ normal feels week ○ prefer intelligence ○ medication causes them to drool ○ causes for stopping medication ○ often do not continue with medication ● disorganized ○ speech and behaviour ○ flat and inappropriate emotional responses ● catatonic ○ bizarre and immobile motor behaviours ○ immobile or relentless ● undifferentiated ○ odd and doesn’t fit in other categories ● re
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