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Psychology - Session 18

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Steve Joordens

● mood disorders ○ bipolar ● major depressive disorder ○ three times more common in women ○ more common in 16 to 17 year olds than in 12 year olds ■ approx. 4% ● 12 year olds ■ approx. 10% ● 16 to 17 year olds ● symptoms of major depressive disorder ○ not caring ■ stop seeking happiness ○ worthless and helpless ■ not the same ○ sad and sleepless ○ lethargic and agitated ■ more common than agitation ● poor people (below poverty level) ○ less happier than those at or above poverty level ● clinical depression ○ extreme form of what we have all experienced at least once ○ takes months to get through “blahs” ● normal people ○ can get through “blahs” in approx. one or two days ● depression ○ most dangerous ■ highly linked to suicide rates ● Bipolar I Disorder ○ mania (orgasmic) episodes ■ experienced alone sometimes ○ or mixed with episodes of depression ● Bipolar II Disorder ○ major depression periods ○ less intense mania periods ■ hypomanic episodes ● bipolar ○ feels really good mixed with depression episodes ■ rollercoaster ○ chronic depression ○ highest rate of suicide ○ extreme exaggeration of self ■ not definition of self ● strong claims ○ bipolar disorder is caused by a chemical unbalance in the brain ■ associ
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