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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

April 6, 2013 Last Lecture – #24 STRESS Peripheral Nervous System  Sympathetic Nervous System o “Fight/flight” mode o Short intervals to get you through a short-term crisis  Increases strength, focus, etc. to make you ready for battle! Or for running away  Problem with stress is that it can keep this mode in long-term o Keep us feeling stressful for a very long time General Adaptation Syndrome  Stressor: anything that makes you feel stress o But people can really control stress by how they think of the event o So, stressor can also be viewed as an opportunity, etc. o You can shape the stressors in your life (what’s worth stressing for)  Phase 1: Alarm reaction – mobilize resources  Phase 2: Resistance – cope with stressor o We can handle stress for a while  Phase 3: Exhaustion – reserves depleted  If people are stressed all the time, they tend to get sick o The body’s resistance to stress can only last so long before exhaustion sets in Health Effects  A lot of far-reaching bodily health effects o And a lot of long-term health problems  See PowerPoint slide for examples The Big Picture (The Mind-Body Issue)  Hans Selye – first to document relationship between psychological stress and physical health o Selye should that when we have negative thoughts, they can cause physical conditions (cause a reduction in health)  Immune system has to fight those negative thoughts, and if it has to fight them for a long time, it can weaken and become susceptible to disease!  Mind-body connection is real  Whether something is a “stressor” or not is psychological (how you view it or think about it)  change your mindset to deal with stress o A part of cognitive-beh
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