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1) The sudden loss of memory for significant personal information, often involving trauma, is known as: ANS: dissociative amnesia 2) Which mental disorder involves disturbances in emotion? ANS: Phobic disorders and depressive disorder 3) The prisoner’s dilemma game is a measure of : ANS: the costs and benefits of mutual cooperation 4) What determines a person’s sexual orientation for same or opposite sex the most? ANS: Genes/Biology 5) Steven Pinker(2007) argues that when it comes to violence and its history with the human species: ANS: we are becoming less violent, more caring, and gentler 6) Cheese addict, Raj, seeks help to wean himself off dairy products. A clinical psychologist advises him to slowly replace cheese with non-dairy snacks. To help him with that, she instructs Raj to et a fruit or a salad every time he feels the desire to eat cheese. This approach involves a : ANS: cognitive- behavioral therapy 7) What brain abnormality would be expected occur in schizophrenia? ANS: Extensive tissue loss 8) Which fore species on earth are considered ultra-social-living in large societies in which large number of individual cooperate for mutual benefit? ANS: Hymenoptera (bee, ants, wasps), termites, naked mole rat, humans 9) An abnormal regulation of is thought to play a major role in the etiology of depression. ANS: Norepinephrine 10) Van Honk & Schutter (2007) found that testosterone: ANS: Decreases people’s sensitivity to threat 11) What is the name of the consensual diagnostic system used for assessing mental disorders? ANS: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder 12) Allport and colleagues argue that stereotyping ANS: Is a useful social mechanism that we regularly use 13) Abnormal thoughts, feelings or emotion must be to qualify symptoms of a mental disorder. ANS: persistent, harmful, and uncontrollable 14) The diffusion of responsibility says that: ANS: individuals feel less responsibility for their actions when they are surrounded by others who are acting in the same way 15) Which disorder is characterized by the sudden loss of memory for one’s personal history, accompanied by an abrupt departure from home? ANS: dissociative fugue 16) What disorder is speculated to be a “mild form of schizophrenia”? ANS: Schizotypal personality disorder 17) Phoebe notices that her husband’s depression subsided ever since he started taking Prozac. She concludes that the causes of depression were eliminated. What does her conclusion reveal about her or her reasoning? ANS: intervention- causation fallacy 18) What feature characterizes personality disorders? ANS: Failure to take other people’s perspectives, particularly on the self 19) After checking if he turned off his appliances, David experiences repetitive thoughts that he may have forgotten to turn off his iron. Anxious about the possibility, he checks repeatedly if the iron is unplugged. His behavior and anxiety are characteristic o
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