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1) Children gave up more easily on difficult tasks, and had higher blood pressure when their school: Ans: Was exposed to loud, repetitive noise 2) IN the approach, the origin of psychological disorders is sought in the failures to reach one’s potential. In the approach, the origin of disorder is sought in failures to find meaning in life. Ans: Humanistic; Existential 3) An interaction between the mind and body that produces illness is a illness. ANS: psychosomatic 4) Being severely obsessed with the possibility of illness, and overblowing the significance of minor symptoms is symptomatic of: ANS: Hypochondriasis 5) A tendency to respond to stress with anger and hostility is significantly correlated with diseases affecting this system: ANS: Cardiovascular 6) Patients often fail to follow doctors’ prescriptions when treatments are: ANS: Frequent 7) What part of the brain is responsible for understanding the attributes of other people? ANS: Medial prefrontal cortex 8) During psychoanalysis, Maya is asked to report every thought that enters her mind, without censorship. When she stops, the therapist encourages her to continue. The purpose of this therapy is to: ANS: look for recurring themes in thinking 9) Noise, traffic, crowding, pollution and the threat of harm are examples of in big cities. ANS: Chronic stressors 10) In an experiment, participants were placed near cookies- one group was allowed to eat cookies, while another was restricted to vegetables. When given an impossibly difficult tracing task, what was the outcome? ANS: Cookie eaters persevered 11) Louis Thurstone(1938) posited a few stable and independent mental abilities such as perceptual ability, verbal ability, and numerical ability, which he called: ANS: primary mental abilities 12) in a classic study, seven scholars reported to mental hospitals, complaining of hearing voices. What was the reaction of hospital staff when- after being admitted to a hospital- each scholar reported that the symptom had ceased? ANS: Hospital staff was reluctant to identify these ”patients” as normal. The scholars were eventually released with the diagnosis, “schizophrenia in remission” 13) Antipsychotic medications are believed to block receptors in the of the brain. ANS: Dopamine; Subcortical structures 14) Prescription privileges for licensed psychologists would allow a psychotherapist to combine with . ANS: Psychotherapy; medication 15) the tendency for infants to move their mouths towards an object that touches their cheeks is due to which reflex? ANS: Rooting reflex 16) This aspect of a doctor’s bedside manner is known to be important, but is also known to be neglected: ANS: Empathy 17) The empty chair technique and role-playing to become aware of one’s thoughts, behaviors, experiences and feelings, are a part of therapy ANS: gestalt 18) Two well-documented factors that might contribute to lower obesity levels in France (as compared to the United State) are: ANS: Serving size and eating speed 19) Several comparies that manufacture SSRIs marketed their drugs as treatment for depression and anxiety disorder. Their drugs the amount of in the synapses. ANS: Increase; serotonin 20) Antipsychotic drugs that decrease activity in the mesolimbic area of the brain, fail to reduce symptoms in schizophrenia . ANS: Dopamine; negative 21) During free-association, Finch refuses to continue
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