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Lecture 7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

PSYCOLOGYA02 Lecture 7 Emotion • emotional side of things and it is a big part of who we are • rational decisions and emotional decisions best work together and have war with eachother • eg rob ford how he used emotion more than anything else and last night he got drunk • aspects to emotion are behavior , autonomic ,hormonal • we wear emotion on our body • when Lecture 8 • emotional state can get stronger or stays • emotion is unerversal • they did an experiment where they went to secluded tribe that don't have connection with tv and they wanted to recognize • emotion is much built into us • this is because they are part of evolution emotional system is a primitive system • debate in pysc on how emotion • common sense someone is that fear just happens and causes our body to arouse and our sympathetic system comes • moment of clarity followed by fear that's what james would say • eg paralyzed ppl and measure their fear and they cant have sympathetic system to the brain and they are known to react less compared to regular ppl • activation is when you react or ur response ina situation • imagine winning a lottery or hear a gunshot so in winning lottery its first shock and then leads to happyfeeling ,but when hearing a gunshot the same shocked reaction comes but it goes to a dark feeling andleads to fear • if someone has emotional disrgation and they don't know how toreact to situation • emotional regulation ,eg skydiving • people love to skydive they like the party after it sets their day and they feel happy Motivation • ppl use thermostate asanology of regularly system • the idea is we have desires and thought • tempreture our body wants to stay in a certain state • wetalk about sum set point where the body wants to
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