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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

PSYA02 Group Dynamics Living in Groups - A big case in social psychology back then - 1964 case of Kitty Genovese in which she was running from an assailant and she was screaming loud enough when she was being stabbed but no one actually did anything (sort of untrue, some people did make calls, but not much) - Idea was that living in the city = a loss of humanity whereas living in the country = higher humanity - This kicked off a series of research ideas and experiments based on group studies and why no one steps up when needed - Diffusion of responsibility = when you expect someone else to do something, it’s less your problem if there is more people (someone in this room must be able to help) - An experiment was done in two conditions; in the first condition the participant had done something about the smoke; in the second condition (with confederates) she waits 20 minutes and gets some help (within the 20 minutes, she should still) The bystander effect - Assistance requires… - Noticing and correctly interpreting the situation - Assuming responsibility for helping (diffusion of responsibility) - Considering costs of intervention and concluding they are not too high - Then implementing the chosen course of action Social Facilitation and Loafing Social Facilitation – the enhancement of
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