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Steve Joordens

PSYA02 Personality Disorders – Psychopath A person is classified as having a personality disorder if their abnormalities of behaviour impair their social or occupational functioning Anti-Social Personality Disorder - Unreliability, Insincerity, and Untruthfulness - Ex: The Joker and Paul Bernardo - To some extent, there are extreme psychopaths, and ones that are less extreme Theory of Mind and Empathy - Notion that we all can experience the world through the eyes of another - Theories of what goes on people’s heads, theories of theories - Psychopaths can completely see that, and can use it to manipulate other people - Needing to feel what others feel (our desire to help others is there because if we don’t, then this feeling will continue) - Psychopaths do not have; they can emotionally separate that from the manipulation - To some psychopaths, the ability to completely separate their emotions is treated as a superpower - They do not want medication, they believe that there is nothing wrong with them; do not come for treatment A lot of research suggest that anti-social personality disorder and psychopathy sometimes go together, and other times do not The “stereotypical” psychopath - Glibness and superficial charm - Grandiosity - Pathological Lying – they will lie all the time; these lies are things that we “like” to hear; if caught it is taken in stride but it continues - Conning and Manipulative - Lack of remorse or guilt - Shallow affect - Callous and lack of empathy - Failure to accept responsibility Secondary Psychopathy and antisocial behaviour - Impulsivity - Irresponsibility - Proneness to boredom - Lack of realistic, long-term goals - Parasitic lifestyle - Poor behavioural controls - Early behavioral problems - Juvenile delinquency - Revocation of conditional release Note: when a psychopath meets another psychopath, then you have a pair, and that could be bad Extras: - Sex life impersonal and poorly integrated - Many short-term marital relationships
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