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PSYA02 Emotion Disorders Such as manic depression or bipolar disorder - The most common Depression - Apparently “underrated” - Number one killer of people (killing themselves) - A challenge to society - A sad and apathetic mood - Feelings of worthlessness and helpless (different from deep sadness) - A desire to withdraw from other people - Sleepless; loss of appetite and sexual desire - Either lethargy or agitation - We all feel something like this some of a time - The prevalence of this disorder is three times more common in female youth; even with males it’s still common - A lot of disorders are more common between both - Depression may have a genetic component as well as an environmental component - Suggests that even with treatment, the stress (environment) still remains Bipolar Disorders Bipolar I Disorder: Episodes of mania (“nonstop orgasm”) either by themselves or, more commonly, mixed with periods of major depression - Example is Margaret Trudeau: during her bipolar side, she went on partying with the Rolling Stones; felt superhuman - People with this feel like they are superhuman for a time; when this ends, depression ensues due to realization of circumstance Bipolar II Disorder: Periods of major depression mixed with occasion; less intense periods of mania (hypomanic episodes) - One ma
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