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PSYA02 Somatoform, Anxiety and Dissociative Disorders There is a shift going on from thinking that mental disorders are something that can be caught… - A switch is flipped, you become depressive - All of us have some of these symptoms - Relatively normal for these things to - Only becomes a problem when you cannot live your life properly - We are on a tightrope which can shift between mental stability and instability - We are constantly using Wernicke’s Area to talk to us - A little change in Wernicke’s Area can make that voice completely external… the defining symptom of schizophrenia Somatoform Disorders A person is classified as having a somatoform disorder when they consistently complain of bodily (health) problems which appear to have no physiological basis Somatization Disorder – (<1%W, 0%M) - Chronic - Wide-ranging complaints of health issues (without basis) - Complaints must include at least 13 (of 35) symptoms - Must have led to meads, doctor visits, or changes in life - Typical consults with multiple physicians, regularly! - Similar to, but different from, hypochondriasis (you hear this, you feel it, and you are convinced you have it) - Runs in families, related to alcoholism in males? Conversion Disorder - Blindness, deafness, loss of feeling, paralysis (neurological) - Must be associated with a psychological trigger - Effects men and women equally - Classically understood via psychoanalytic theory - Difference from malingering - This is part of the studies that Freud did at his time (common in Victorian Era, not so much today) Anxiety Disorders Panic Attacks (1.6%, Women twice as likely) Periods of acute terror lasting from minutes to hours Shortness of breath, sweating, dizziness, faintness, feelings of
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