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Steve Joordens

PSYA02 Schizophrenia – divided mind (or in a psychologist’s view, a broken mind) Schizophrenics do not show symptoms of multiple personality disorder - A group of psychological disorders involving distortions of thought, perception and emotion; bizarre behaviour; and social withdrawal - A lot of homeless people in Toronto suffer from schizophrenia - Biggest problem is that schizophrenics cannot adapt or cope with the current lifestyle that society lives with - Means “split minds” but does not involve multiple personalities - Effects about 1% in Canada - Paranoid schizophrenics think that everyone is out to get them - No one actually knows what to do with a latent (or dangerous) schizophrenic Schizophrenia is found more in men, but women also tend to get it - Men get it in the early middle age - Females get in during middle age Positive Symptoms (addition or subtraction) (addition to their “world”) (can be treated with medication) - Hallucinations (typically auditory) - Delusions of Persecution (everyone is out to get you) - Delusions of Control - Delusions of Grandeur (that they are the one to “fix the earth”) Negative Symptoms (subtraction) - Disorganized speech (not really make sense; there might be something important) - Lack of emotion (not too happy, not too sad) - Lack of energy (like the title says) - Socially inept, inability to make and keep friends Types of Schizophrenia: Paranoid: suffers from delusions of persecution; a real problem separating reality from fantasy; very smart but they lose the distinction between fantasy and reality; auditory hallucinations
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