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Steve Joordens

PSYA02 Personality: The Psychodynamic View Freud, Freud, Freud… - Talked about how we came to be - Trained as a physiologist and an expert in observation…which marked his work thereafter - Fascinated by ailments that seemed to have no physiological cause - Worked with Charcot on hypnotism - Came to believe that all human behavior is motivated by instinctual desires that provide psychic energy - These drives could be unconscious as well as conscious - Worked with patients that had symptoms which “should” have been able to find the source but couldn’t find it Instinct (ID) Reason (EGO) Conscience (SUPEREGO) - Found it interesting because they couldn’t be satisfied in “acceptable” ways - Interesting interplay between this - Sex and aggression had to be the ones to be controlled quickly ID - A primitive entity with very primitive desires - Dark, inaccessible part of our personality, a desire for immediate gratification - The Pleasure Principle: the desire to obtain immediate gratification in whatever form it may take - Also linked to “libido”, the primary source of instinctual motivation for all psychic forces - Part of the “unconscious” part of the human SUPEREGO - Charged with the task of making you the sort of person that will fit in well with society… or just the person you would like to be - Very connected to society - “fitting in with the group” - Ego-Ideal: the internalized notion of what society values in a person…what it means to be “good”, “liked” or “appreciated” - Part of the “conscious” part of the human - Conscience: the internalization of the rules and restrictions of society…in punishes wrongdoings with feelings of guilt EGO - The “referee” or not “the referee” - Tries to give both worlds what they need - Attempts to find ways to satisfy the desires of the ID without invoking guilt from the Super-Ego - It defers to the reality principle, the tendency to satisfy the ID’s desires in realistic ways - Sex and aggression are the least easy to satisfy given societal desires to keep these controlled What the EGO uses - Reaction formation: ex: being overprotective of and lavishing attention on an unwanted child or someone who is very proper is fascinated by pornography and in turn the EGO says to take a stand against pornography (watching it for the “right” reasons) (acting in exactly the opposite to one’s opposite impulses) - Sublimation: Replacing socially unacceptable impulses with socially acceptable behavior
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