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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

PSYA02 Learn to laugh at yourself. It is better to laugh and understand your own flaws rather than laugh about others. You learn, and ultimately, you accept yourself Who are you? What are the components of a person’s personality? Personality is a strange thing, no two personalities are the exact same and there is a high chance that a certain job could be relative to a specific personality - Certain personality suits certain jobs - A cocky notion Types vs Traits Types – very specific “types” of people - Example: the horoscope (you are “this”, you like “that”) - If written properly, these horoscopes will “resonate” with a person - Categories Traits – can mix and match, the sum of all the traits - Not specialized in type cycles Every word on the book that was found to be used to describe a person, was found by Allport - From the big list, and boiled it down - Categorized this into three levels 1. Cardinal traits – traits that dominate an individual’s whole life, often to the point that the person becomes known specifically for these traits. People with such personalities often become so known for these traits that their names are often synonymous with these qualities. (Freudian, Machiavellian, Christ-like) Allport suggested that cardinal traits are rare and tend to develop later in life 2. Central Traits – the general characteristics that form the basic foundations of personality. These central traits, while not as dominating as cardinal traits, are the major characteristics you might use to describe another person. (intelligent, honest, shy) 3. Seco
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