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PSYA02 Emotion… Emotions clearly influence us in powerful Psychological ways and to a large extent this influence is, in my opinion, underrepresented in the text and the course To some extent, emotion is another enemy of rational thought and rational thoughts ability to guide behaviour Why the link to motivation? What motivates us, also tends to “move us” emotionally…there is some sort of association between the two…though again in my opinion the exact nature of that association is not completely understood Three aspects of emotion…behaviour, autonomic, hormonal - An outward link - One can tell at a good distance, what a person is feeling; we are “wearing” our emotions The autonomic system will activate depending on the circumstance and the situation, the “fight or flight” response taken to a different level The hormones kick in as well John B. Watson and Little Albert experiment - The emotion behind it - Neutral stimulus to conditioned emotional response - Battle of genetic determinism - Environmental conditions = important factor Amygdala and Hippocampus - Important to memory (hippocampus) - Early warning system (amygdala) (the schizophrenic spider sense) - The brain has to deal with it - Interesting part – remembers the event so that it doesn’t happen again the future (insight) - Good and bad (PTSD can be harmful if anything that shows up in the past comes back to the present) The control of Emotional Responding - The role of s
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