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Lecture 8

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Steve Joordens

PSYA02 Motivation You motivate yourself. Others will help, but it is ultimately your choice. Homeostasis - Thermostats – regulatory systems or homeostatic system - System variable – existing within a certain temperature band - Set point – where the body want to be - Detector variable – to check the current temperature - Correctional mechanism – the regulatory behaviour (to fix the temp to normal) - Homeostatic regulation - Negative feedback Drive Reduction Hypothesis - We have certain drives; an activation complex specific to what we are feeling How does one objectively define and measure a drive? How hungry are you… how… frustrated are you? What drive brings you to class? Some things we enjoy doing, increase arousal, but don’t seem to reduce any drive… foreplay anyone? Optimum Level Theory - Exam example: there is a threshold in the middle where the performance is optimal - Constant interplay between the recent past and the drives being pushed forward - The fine balance Perseverance - What mak
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