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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

PSYA02 Appreciate those who try to improve your way of thinking, they are the ones who will teach you to change the world Where does intelligence come from? Humans think that we have abilities that animals do not have, and thus gives the right to be cruel to animals Idea that an intelligent being designed us to have the intelligence we have today We often use the term intelligence as if we were talking about a single characteristic a person possesses… we typically talk of someone being intelligent or not… period. But let’s consider another “characteristic” for a moment … athletic capability. We could ask someone to perform a number of tasks and, based on their performance, come up with a measure of athletic ability. What would you expect if you did this? Would the person with the best athletic ability be the fastest runner? Can we break cognitive ability down to components? Factor analysis: test that analysis the results and correlates the results to anythin
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