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Lecture 7

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Steve Joordens

Chapter 11Cognitive DevelopmentJanuary 23 2013PSYA02 Lecture 7 NotesThe Development of Thoughtthoughts are our constant companion but how did thought develop And how does it occur in a developing childat some point children learn that they can manipulate the world ex crying kicking mobile to make things happenbut the world also operates on themmarks the importance of a responsive world as a lot of our cognition seems to be about trying to help us behave and react appropriatelyJean Piagetwhile looking at research data he noticed that children werent doing as well as adults but were instead consistently making certain errorshe reasoned that this was possibly because children may interact and view the world differently than adultshe then came up with 4 stages of development and proposed that critical changes happen between these stages during maturation these changes have deep implications for the way children think and interact with the world Piaget was big on the notion of accommodation form a
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