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Lecture 3

PSYA02 LECTURE 3 Languages

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

Lecture 3 LanguagesKing CrimsonTalkJanuary 13 2012a pure Wernickes aphasiac is rare they can still hear whats said to them and can repeat back what you say but they dont really understand what theyre sayingie someone talking in another languageyou can repeat what they say to a certain extent but you wont know what they are saying unless they tell you or had previous knowledgepure Ws aphasia is very rare because a specific part of the brain needs to be damaged but usually theres a variety of areas affected by brain damageBrocas aphasia thoughts are fluent no cognitive damage but trouble getting words out halted speechthrough therapy other brain areas can be recruited to help with the brain areas that were damagedBrocas areayellow part in the frontalnear the region needed for motor area move your lips to speakallows you to go from a thought to a meaningful sentenceinsular cortex is another major componentWernickes areatemporal lobetake what you hear surface structure and then find a deeper meaning to understand what it mea
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