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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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John Bassili

Psychology Lecture 8 Child Development -test intelligence by giving a not abstract question and receive a definite answer from child -development of attachment with caregiver and parents -zygote divides to form nerve and brain cells -nerve cells form connection through synapse -neurons communicate through firing Themes of the Video 1) how do neurons find their place, know where to go , and what functions it serve 2) are all connections equally important 3) to what extent does plasticity contribute to the development of brain region -is the function of a region permanent or changeable -each nerve cell forms 1 to 10 000 connection -communicate through charged electrical pulse -nervous system is in an organized, non-random manner -unlike skin cells, neurons cannot be replaced and do not replicate itself -they function throughout the life time -grow in neural tube, layer after layer like an onion -hold on to guard cell with its nucleus at the back during migration from brain to body location -travel in
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