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Lecture 6

PSYA02 Lecture 6: Thinking about Thinking

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

Lecture 6 Thinking About ThinkingJanuary 20 2012certain traits tend to lose variability in a certain population isolated ie the Inuitie the hair colour of Inuit people is almost always black therefore there is no genetic variabilityTable 115 and 116 components of intelligence may be determine more or less by genetic and environmentthis is shown that fraternal twins have intelligence with 086 correlation and fraternal have 062correlationsuggest that genetics plays some rolehowever it must be noted identical twins are more similar as people too and fraternal twins more different as peoplefraternal twins may have more of a different environment ie parental interaction and identical twins have more of the same environmentfraternal twins raised together correlation 062 and siblings raised together correlation 041fraternal twins genetic make up is like that of siblingsenvironment of fraternal twins may be different than siblingsshows that environment clearly has an effectcorrelation between children and parents in terms of intelligence more intel
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