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PSYA02 Lec 9: Cognitive Development (Cont.) and Social Development

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Steve Joordens

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Lecture 9 Cognitive Development continuation of Lecture 8January 27 2012Malcolm Gladwell The Tipping Pointperceptual cognitive and social abilities are happening simultaneously NOT LINEARLYThe preoperational periodchild reaches an understanding that theres more to the world than whats in front of it at any point in timestart talk about things that are not in front of them in abstract waysconcrete operation stagecan perform logical operations and figure things out but only as long as the thing they have to figure out is concrete if its abstract they cannot figure it outprior to this stage children are egocentrichave trouble seeing things from someone elses perspectivein the concrete operation stage they start to see the world through other peoples eyes empathyformal operation stageable to accept hypothetical and show understanding of abstract reasoningPiaget notionwe have reach these levels in order to build up on
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