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Steve Joordens

Self study chap 12Q1 What is crosssectional study A study of development in which individuals of different ages are compared at the same timeQ2 What is longitudinal study A study of development in which observations of the same individuals are compared at different times of their livesQ3 What is prenatal period The nine months between conception and birthQ4 Into what three stages is prenatal period divided 1 Zygote stage 2 Embryonic stage 3 Fetal stageQ5 Why is inactivation of one X chromosome important Because it limits the total amount of proteins produced by genes located on the X chromosome Without this limit the metabolism of female would be very different from maleQ6 Of what X chromosome inactivation is an example An epigenetic modification a modification of cell inheritance that is not due to alterations of the DNA sequence itselfQ7 What is zygote stageThe first stage of prenatal development during which the zygote divides many times and the internal organs begin to formQ8 What is embryonic stage The second stage of prenatal development beginning at about two weeks and ending about eight weeks after conception during which the heart begins to beat the brain starts to function and most of the major body structures begin to form
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