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PSYAO2- lecture notes

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Steve Joordens

rdPSYA02 Lecture 12 Friday February 3 2012 Arousal is a cognitive stimulusWe want to live in the middle of Boredom and ExhaustionTwo components of motivation initiation and perseveranceIntermittent Reinforcement occasionally getting rewardedIntrinsic Enforcement motivation comes from inside oneself Over justification Hypothesis When they sense they are doing something to get a reward after a while they will only do the behaviour to get a reward Over justifying why theyre doing it so theyre not as likely to do itLearned Helplessness at first it will look for a way out frantically but after a while the dog will just huddle in the corner After a significant amount of time has passed by and the dog has a chance to escape it wont Eg Domestic violenceOrganization effects organization of the body The presence of testosterone in the womb determines sex of the baby Androgen Insensitivity fetus has xy chromosome but they have female genitalia Feels like a male trapped in a females body Activational effects testosterone levels decrease with age and leads to a decreased interest in sex irritability and depression Placebos do the same thing psychological feelings help with recovery and healingIf you think you are feeling
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