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John Bassili

Chapter 10 Language January 17 Did Nim Have Language? Nim, Vicki and other chimps did not really learn language The chimps have just learned complicated tricks Language: The Brain and Language Disorders Hemispheric Specialization When men engage in a rhyming task the left side of the brain is stimulated. Women have activity on both sides of the brain. fMRI scan images body, more sophisticated x-ray, it sees soft tissue along with the bone; the f in fMRI stands for functional, in psychology the function is important When we speak, blood comes to the brain area used, the scan shows that when people are engaged in a rhyming task the stats show that men have more activity on the left brain fMRI is good at looking at spatial resolution, but not good with temporal resolution Language Centres and Aphasias In Wernickes area it recognizes the sequence of the sound and organize, interprets phonemes This information gets sent to Brocas area Brocas area is responsible for speech production and grammar Aphasia The t
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