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John Bassili

Chapter 12 Life Span Development January 31 Piaget Recap from Last Lecture Jean Piaget focused the ages from birth to 16 He focused on cognitive development Babies make circular motions; they do not know if objects are out of sight, they think the objects dont exist (object permanence) Piagets Preoperational Period From ages 2-7, preoperational period occurs Children are able to use symbolic thoughts such as numbers Children are able to use the imagination to play (i.e. dressing up, symbolic) Children see the world in an egocentric way during this period (i.e. cannot put oneself in anothers perspective) Conversation in Preoperational Period A limitation to what a child can do during this period is the inability to conserve A child thinks a tall container contains more liquid than the shorter container, although theyve seen that the liquid were of the same volume before being poured in the containers (irreversibility) Irreversibility refers to the thought process of reversing an action (squishing playdoh and thought of reversing it back to original shape) Piagets Concrete Operation
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