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Chapter 13 Motivation and Emotion February 4 Motivation Motivation is the energy that makes people do something, also giving direction There are three characteristics of motivation: 1) Initiation of our actions 2) Determines what we pursue 3) Determines how intensity and persistently we pursue it Drive Theory of Motivation Humans have basic biological needs that are essential for survival: food, water, air, sleep, warmth When deprived of a need (food, water, air, warmthetc), there is motivation for people to get it, people are motivated (driven) to meet the needs There is a regulatory system (cyclical, loop system) to achieve a steady state regarding the need (i.e. Homeostatic system) There are three properties of a homeostatic system (using thermostat example): 1) There is a set point (desired temperature) 2) There is a device for detecting deviations from the set point 3) There is a corrective mechanism (during winter, furnace comes on to adjust t
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