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Lecture 13

PSYA02 Lecture 13: Emotion

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Steve Joordens

Lecture 13 Emotion and EatingJanuary 30 2012The Relevance of Emotionemotion can get in the way of rational thinking and rational thoughts ability to guide behaviourwere motivated to do things and motivated to get away from things depending on our emotionsthree aspects of emotion behaviour autonomic hormonalthree levels you can talk about in terms of emotions actual behaviours that emotion produces can be complex behavioursoutward indications of our emotional states and a lot of this is regulated by the autonomic nervous system when emotional stimuli hits it gives rise to sympathetic nervous sytems which releases hormonesConditioned Emotional Responsesstudy of emotion cam from study of behavioureugenicseverything is a reflection of the genetic influencesbehaviourists were against this Little Albert induce fear in babies that they did not fear before conditioned responseemotions of threat are treated as a priority in comparison to the more mundane
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