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Lecture 15

Lecture 15

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John Bassili

Lecture 15 Psychology II Review of Last Lecture Lie Detection -based on polygraph -measure reaction that people cannot control when they are nervous -measure respiration rate, blood pressure, heart rate, skin resistance -block respiration when one is nervous -control question is used to compare emotion (level of emotion) in relevant question Is Polygraph Accurate? -has 70 to 85% accuracy -Lykken identified one problem in polygraph is that innocent people are determined to be guilty as well -polygraph is not admitted in court as evidence in Canada because they are unreliable -a risk that jury may not listen to other evidence and rely solely on polygraph -too much danger and the technology does not have a high level of accuracy Can you beat the Test? -emotion suppression does not work -the better way is to fake emotion and contract ones toe -mimic being emotional Natural Cues to Lying -custom officers are asked to identified smuggler and non-smuggler by watching video -they fail to identify liar because they believe that
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