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Lecture 15

PSYCHOLOGY Lecture 15 Personality in Context.doc

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Steve Joordens

Lecture 15 Personality in ContextFebruary 10 2012there is a claim that people develop multiple personalities as a protective deviceie have a drunk and abusive fatheract one way one personality with the abusive father and act one way second personality when the father is normalone personalitys memories dont get transferredbut really we each have different personalitiesdepends on the context of our surroundingssocial cognitive theoryour personality is what we exude through or behaviours and there are three things relevant to that own beliefs and expectations going into a situation behaviour we admit ourselves environment and reinforcers that happen that happens in the environmentit is like operant conditioningin the context of personality behaviourwhen we are little we watch older people and model their behaviour and our personality is a function of what they do and the reactions they receive for their actionseverything on TV is created and often doesnt mimic doesnt what happens in real lifewhy we dont allow children to watch too much TVmodelling works best when people are in the right environment and seeing the righ
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