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Lecture 14

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Caroline Barakat

Psychology Lecture 14Biology of behaviour talks about the brainPeople were being regarded in mechanistic termsthere was a battle as to the origins of the soul and whether it had a place within societyPeople believed that the soul existed within the brain The brain was machine like and had localist functions that performed certain tasks The Brain and its componentsThe structure of the nervous systemCells of the nervous systemThe action potentialSynapsesA simple neural circuitNeruomodulatorsStructure of the Nervous systemHuman beings are wired up machines we have nerve fibers that wire our brain and they form the connection between the brain and the rest of the bodyThe central nervous system peripheral nervous systemCentral nervous system brain spinal chord This is the real brain tissuesmost of the heavy lifting is performed by cerebral hemispheresProtecting the CNSFor protection purposes the brain and the spinal chord are incased in bone the skull and spine respectively we have a hard skull all the way around it Between the brain and the skull there is a layer of tissue called the meninges water bed its two membranes that have fluid in between themThe cerebral spinal fluid within the meninges provides protection for the brain to ensure that it doesnt become damagedMeningitis is due to less cerebral fluidImage of brain mapdistinction of white and brown matter the brain is a jelly like substance The white matter provides a denser tissue that gives the brain and helps it retain formIt also helps transport oxygen and nutrients to the brainIn order to maximize the size of the cortex the human brain has become wrinkled containing fissures and gyriThe difference between our brain and animals brain is the size of the brain relative to the bodyThe human brain and head got larger and largerThe grey matteris compressed so that much information can be fit into the skullThe peripheral nervous system it is the go between the central nervous system and the rest of the bodyThe peripheral nervous system is the interface between the brain and other parts of the body It sends information through nerve cells through the release of hormonesThe connection between the brain and body has two divisions The soul was responsible for performing irrational behaviourhence some of our behaviours are some that we can controlSomatic system conscious control of behaviourAutonomic system in control of involuntary behaviours Sympathetic nervous system in charge of fightingfleeing and making love
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