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Lecture 3

Lecture 3- language aquisition by children.docx

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Caroline Barakat

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Chapter 10 Language acquisition by children Learning Grammar without tryingLearning substance requires working memory and effort BUT the brain can pick up structure without effort so called implicit learning Grammar is learned implicitly simply by hearing others Speaking children learn the basic rules of grammarChomskys notion of universal grammar Our brain can pick up structure language without us even tryingo This is portrayed in grammatical ruleso Chompsky stated that we have an innate capacity to be able to pick up language structure The pre speechperiodTuningPruning The sensitivity of language to culture in children as young as 6 months oldand some sensitivities become lostAt about 12 months of age babies start producing vocalizations initially mastering stop consenants pa bafirst word that babies say are papao There not just learning the phonemes they are learning the nonverbal aspects of language as well o like pa and ba and slowly mastering more complex sounds like nasal sounds maEventually the babbling transforms to the use of real words as infants continue to master difficult phonemedistinctions like wabbit and compound sounds like str or bl Children are very sensitive to language that is specific to the culture that they are in T
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